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DOI: 10.5824/1309‐1581.2016.2.005.x
Ankara’daki Özel Üniversite Web Sitelerinin Arama Motoru Optimizasyonları Açısından Karşılaştırılmaları
A Comparison of Private University Websites in Ankara According to Their Search Engine Optimizations
Abstract in Turkish
Abstract in English
In this study, we made a comparison of the Google search engine ranking of private universities in Ankara as well as the techniques they employ for their websites in order to achieve search engine optimization, making use of the SEO analysis site, an expert system developed for the purpose of this study. The universities’ ranking difference in the search engine results page, which implement or do not implement search engine optimization techniques, have been shown together with the reasons of such difference, accompanied by suggestions on grounds of the analysis results we obtained. This study emphasizes how important it is for the private universities of Ankara, a major student city of the country, to attach due attention to SEO techniques for their websites so as to ensure that their achievements, services, and opportunities are made known to their target group within the shortest time possible.
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